Malaria champion Paballo Chauke with broadcaster Bonang Matheba

‘Young people in Africa need to speak out and say “we’re here to fight malaria”’

Paballo Chauke is a training coordinator who works with scientists across the globe to help end malaria. Hailing from South Africa, he wants to see bold vision and leadership across the continent to accelerate the end of malaria in a generation.

Paballo Chauke is a training coordinator. His truly global approach to fighting malaria sees him working with scientists from 40 mostly malaria-endemic countries. Together, they work to understand the genetic variation of mosquitoes and their parasites and ultimately come up with better ways to control malaria.

Paballo is passionate about a malaria-free future for Africa, and his pride in his heritage inspires his work. “I’m from South Africa and I’m proudly African – Africa suffers the most from malaria, we bear the brunt of the disease as well as the deaths,” says Paballo, “Over 90% of deaths come from Africa, and I think as an African I want to see some change.”

Paballo joins the fleet of Zero Malaria champions whose work is directly impacting the fight against malaria and who feature in the newest Draw The Line Against Malaria campaign film

“It affects our economy, it affects our schoolchildren,” Paballo says, “Most of the people that are dying from malaria are actually children under 5 and I think that needs to change.”

Malaria champion Paballo Chauke portrait

"As an African, I want to see some change."

As the next generation of leaders and changemakers, young people are key to ending malaria. “To young people out there, I just want to say that we are the generation that will end malaria for good,” says Paballo, urging youth to take social action. “Go on social media, pressure your local leaders, your counsellors, your presidents, to put the resources and funds towards fighting malaria.”

So, what will it take to end malaria in our lifetime? “Malaria is curable, it’s preventable, it’s treatable – but we need the political will. We need funding,” explains Paballo, “If we can garner resources and encourage political leaders across the world, particularly in Africa, to take malaria seriously and actually put the money into fighting malaria, we can eliminate malaria in our lifetime.”

If Paballo had one message he could get to leaders, it’s to invest in the Global Fund, which is due for replenishment in September . “We have the Global Fund, which has saved millions of lives across the world. I think we do need to replenish that fund, because it’s quite key in ending malaria.”

Our vision of a Zero Malaria future starts today, with us all. Join Paballo and Draw The Line Against Malaria.

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We can be the generation that ends malaria

A deadly disease is stealing our future

Building on the Zero Malaria Starts With Me movement

We can be the generation that ends malaria

A deadly disease is stealing our future

Building on the Zero Malaria Starts With Me movement

Draw the line now