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Saray Khumalo is on a personal mission to end malaria

World-class mountaineer and adventurer Saray Khumalo is the first black African woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest and ski to the South Pole. Saray has demonstrated remarkable humility, determination, and endurance to overcome setbacks and break new ground to achieve the seemingly impossible. For her, the pursuit to end the suffering caused by malaria is no different.

"This is a personal mission for me, I know what it is like to live with malaria. Young people deserve their chance to step into their potential, there is no reason why malaria should hold anyone back. This is a challenge we can beat in my lifetime."

Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, Saray lived with the daily challenges of malaria. She suffered from this disease many times as a child, however, her most vivid memory of malaria was when her younger sister was rushed to hospital with cerebral malaria- the most severe and often fatal complication of malaria infection.

Saray knows her sister’s fight against this deadly disease is one all too common across Africa. Malaria takes a child’s life every minute and prevents many children from attending school. Saray is determined that no more children and adults alike have their future taken by malaria - that all potential is unleashed, and dreams are achieved.

Saray Khumlao

“I remember the panic in the house and her convulsion as helpless adults held her forehead with cold towels and rushing her out of the house to the hospital for help. I am grateful that she survived.”

Saray is an ambassador for the malaria fight in Africa and is proud to be part of the Zero Malaria Draw The Line against malaria campaign. She is excited to be part of this movement, inspiring young people to eliminate malaria in the world, but more specifically on the continent of Africa.

In a message to young people across Africa, Saray says...

"You can be part of creating zero malaria world! It starts with realising each of us can play our part and raise awareness that this is possible within a generation! You are uniquely extra-ordinary and being ordinary is a choice! Choose to be you... EXTRAORDINARY... and together we can end this disease for good. A world free of diseases is a world full of people living optimally and building a future for the next generation. The world is continuously becoming a global village, our focus is to ensure that the next generation of Africans can be leaders in the global village."

"A disease-free free Africa, an economically free Africa will create the right environment for people to achieve their purpose and change the world."

Join Saray Khumalo and be a part of the generation that ends malaria for good. Draw The Line Against Malaria today.

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We can be the generation that ends malaria

A deadly disease is stealing our future

Building on the Zero Malaria Starts With Me movement

We can be the generation that ends malaria

A deadly disease is stealing our future

Building on the Zero Malaria Starts With Me movement

Draw the line now