zero malaria

We're a global movement, born out of the grassroots pan-African campaign Zero Malaria Starts with Me, that is committed to ending malaria in a generation. Together we are lifting the voices of people impacted by malaria, connecting communities with leaders and providing platforms and campaigns that unite everyone in solidarity to end malaria, one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases.Join us and help end malaria by supporting one of the Zero Malaria campaigns below.

Revealed: Fighting Malaria Offers Global Economic Boost

Malaria isn’t just an illness that affects our health. It causes a financial burden that impacts families, communities, and holds back entire economies from achieving their potential – and this is felt globally.
Brand new research has revealed that by getting back on track to cutting malaria by 90% by 2030 could boost the economies of malaria-endemic countries by an incredible $142.7 billion.


The Ghetto Kids invite us into their world to share how malaria has affected them.Nothing should hold these amazing, talented children back from their potential -- but living with malaria daily, they know the harsh setbacks and struggles associated with the disease all too well.

Zero Malaria: Change the story

A campaign that highlights the impact climate change and other rising threats are having on efforts to end this deadly disease. The campaign gives a voice to the children affected by malaria, asking world leaders to make the decisions now that will change the story for millions around the world.

zero malaria starts with me

Zero Malaria Starts with Me is a pan-African campaign that mobilizes and empowers communities to take ownership of the fight to end malaria. We drive action from political, private sector, and community leaders to accelerate malaria prevention and treatment and save lives.

zero malaria: draw the line against malaria

This youth-driven campaign calls on people to 'Draw the Line Against Malaria' once and for all, and together demand that world leaders take action to end malaria in a generation.

zero malaria f.c.

Football legends Luís Figo and Khalilou Fadiga have created Zero Malaria F.C., a team that brings together a team of globally renowned footballers to increase malaria awareness and urge greater action against this deadly disease.